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You may send an e-mail to TIGHAR Central for more information about these or other TIGHAR lecturers.

Richard E. Gillespie
Ric is a co-founder of TIGHAR and is prepared to lecture on a large variety of topics related to TIGHAR's work on historic aircraft recovery. He is based Wilmington in Wilmington, Delaware, but has lectured all over North America and Europe.
Skeet Gifford
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Andrew McKenna
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Lonnie Schorer
Barbara Norris
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Fr. Martin X. Moleski, S.J., Ph.D.
Fr. Moleski was sent by TIGHAR on the second expedition to Fiji to search for the material sent there from Nikumaroro in 1941. One-hour Powerpoint-illustrated lecture on the bones, sextant box, shoe parts, corks on brass chains, Benedictine bottle, and the inverting eyepiece.
Thomas F. King, PhD
Tom King, Earhart Project senior archaeologist and co-author of Amelia Earhart's Shoes, is available as a speaker to groups of any size and type. He provides a one-hour Powerpoint-illustrated lecture on TIGHAR’s work and fields questions, comments,and arguments.
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