Risasi Finikaso

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  • Kanilupe Epati (Father's name: Tupua Leupena).
  • Wife of Taukelina Finikaso, Tauvalu Ambassador to Fiji circa 2003.
  • Interviewed by the Niku III (1997) team on Funafuti: "I Saw Pieces of an Airplane."
  • Her father was the wireless operator on Niku.
  • Other Tuvaluans living on Nikumaroro (late '50s):
    • Pulekai Sogivalu (head teacher)
    • Kaio? Male nurse. Deceased?
    • Samuelu
  • 1976 Kiribati & Tuvalu split
  • 1978 Tuvalu independence
  • 1979 Kiribati independence
  • Her brothers used to play in the wreck. Not sure if it was the boat or the plane. They now live

in the Solomons. In 2002, travel was still not recommended to the Solomons.

  • High Commissioner of Kiribati may have a Nikumaroro Documentary. They hoped to persuade people to

resettle Nikumaroro. Plans began in 1997-98. Title of the film: Rawaki ni ngabong?