The Kanawa box

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John Mims--kanawa box from Niku.

The bones found on Nikumaroro were shipped to Fiji in a Kanawa box build for them by the carpenter on Niku. Dr. Isaac/Verrier seems to have coveted the box. It must have been well-made and attractive.

Gallagher's description of the box, December 27, 1940: "Should any relatives be traced, it may prove of sentimental interest for them to know that the coffin in which the remains are contained is made from a local wood known as 'kanawa' and the tree was, until a year ago, growing on the edge of the lagoon, not very far from the spot where the deceased was found."

The Latin name for kanawa is Cordia subchordata or Cordia subcordata.

The souvenirs brought back from Niku by John Mims are decorated with inlaid aluminum. He was told that the aluminum came from an airplane wreck on the island.

Kanawa wood items.jpg
John Mims--souvenirs from Niku