Harold John Barnes

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Barnes may have known Earhart. He was on Nauru on the day of the fatal flight.

From Shaun Barnes
"Harold Barnes was in charge of the Radio Station at Nauru. I believe Amelia tried to contact Harold just before she disappeared. He wasn't on duty at the time."
"He was with the Royal Navy as well as the Royal Australian Navy. His son Frank was also in the Air Force (My grandfather) and some of his info is in his file also. He was at Nauru also for a while with his parents."

National Archives of Australia 4394418 - Harold's file.

Service Number - 14270 
Date of birth - 21 Oct 1900 
Place of birth - UNKNOWN INDIA 
Place of enlistment - SYDNEY 
Next of Kin - BARNES AGNES

4394418	Series number
A6770	Series accession number

Contents date range
1911 - 1970
  • Royal Australian Navy 1924 (?) to 1935.
  • Discharged free to Royal Australian Fleet Reserve, 14 Feb 1935 to 1940.
  • Loaned to Nauru Administration for six months up to July, 1934; released for long-term service in Nauru Administration in 1935.

National Archives of Australia 5204652 - His son's file.