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  • Tunnels were dug under the Colonial War Memorial Hospital as air raid shelters for CMS. CMS needed room for 400 people in the shelters.
  • Dr. A.S. Frater, followed Hoodless as Principal of CMS.
    • An Assistant Principal for CMS was appointed September 5, 1952. He would be a likely suspect to have become the Acting Principal at the time of Frater's death. Margaret Guthrie reports that the Acting Principal was Dr. Doran and the permanent Principal was Dr. Edmonds.
  • Taraiasi Vakamoci, curator of the Pathology Museum, took us to anatomy lab where the bones are that Kar Burns already saw and measured in 1999. Taraiasi has been employed at the school since 1978. He will try to contact Staya Deo Singh, who was in charge of the anatomy lab from before Taraiasi started work at FSM and who probably met the team in 1999.
  • Associated with Colonial War Memorial Hospital.
  • Gilchrist principal from 1964-1970.
  • Dr. Harry Lander before Samisoni?
  • Dr. Jim Samisoni--successor to Gilchrist and prior to Baravilala. One of Gilchrist's students. Tried but failed to make contact with him.
  • Dr. Wame Baravilala, Dean of FSM in 2003. Not interested in the bones search.
  • The Librarian, Imeri Waibuca, started to work at FSM in her present capacity in 1998. She has begun looking for records to build an archive for the school. She would not let us see any of her finding aids or anything in the archives. She says she asked one of her students to do a search on our behalf. We have no idea what kind of materials they have. In her opinion, Hoodless would not have left the bones at the school. "It would not have been prudent to have left them here."