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Explanation of artifact numbers

Every artifact has at least four numbers:

  • Project code (2, for Earhart Project).
  • Expedition number (e.g., 2 stands for for the second expedition--see list of expeditions below).
  • Site identifier (V = village; S = Seven Site).
  • Chronological identifier (order of entry into catalog: 1, 2, 3 ...)

If the artifact is in several pieces we add a slash number for each piece. The shoe eyelet, for example, is 2-2-G (for grave site)-7/6 (the shoe was the seventh artifact found in the area, of which the eyelet was the sixth fragment found).

Expedition numbers

  1. Niku I (1989)
  2. Niku II (1991)
  3. Niku IIIP (1996)
  4. Niku III (1997)
  5. Niku IIIIP (1999)
  6. Niku IIII (2001)
  7. Niku VP (WOF--2003)
  8. Niku V (2007)
  9. Niku VI (2010)


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