Amelia Earhart's Shoes

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Amelia Earhart's Shoes: is the mystery solved?

Authors: Thomas F. King, Randall Scott Jacobson, Karen Raney Burns, Kenton Spading

Publisher: AltaMira Press

year: 2001

ISBN: 0759101302 9780759101302

OCLC: 46704138

Published just prior to TIGHAR’s Niku IIII Expedition, Amelia Earhart’s Shoes – Is the Mystery Solved? is the story of the first twelve years of the Earhart Project as told by four TIGHAR members who participated in much of the research. The book was an independent undertaking by Dr. Tom King who served as the Project Archaeologist on the Niku I (1989), Niku III (1997), and Niku IIII (2001) expeditions to Nikumaroro and the 1998 expedition to Kanton Island. Tom also supervised the 1999 Fiji Bone Search. Assisting him with the book were oceanographer Dr. Randy Jacobson who has been very active in project research since 1992; forensic osteologist Dr. Kar Burns who participated in the 1999 and 2001 expeditions, and Kenton Spading who did extensive archival research for the project and participated in the Niku III (1997) expedition and the 1998 trip to Kanton Island.

Although we scrupulously avoided any editorial input, TIGHAR did give the authors free access to documents, maps and photographs and provided fact-checking when requested. In return, several of the authors have generously donated their royalties back to the project. The result is a no-holds-barred, critical look at the Earhart Project from the perspective of volunteer insiders. Tom King’s casual style captures the irreverent yet scientifically rigorous tone of TIGHAR’s work and lets the reader share in the trials and tribulations of the two-steps-forward-one-step-back investigative process. “Shoes” is an excellent description of what has become an epic quest and sales of the book have already added several thousand dollars to the project coffers.

You can order Amelia Earhart’s Shoes – Is the Mystery Solved? directly from Altamira Press.