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Key to Article Codes  
Issue Title Subject Code
Volume 31 #1
April 2015
Down to the Wire Final plans for Niku VIII AE
Volume 31, # 2
October 2015
A TIGHAR Selfie Membership demographics MM
À Coeur Vaillant Waking up Project Midnight Ghost PMG
What We Know About 2-2-V-1 Questions and review on the airplane skin AE
Niku VIII Final Report Fieldwork report, Niku VIII AE
What's Next for the Earhart Project? Plans for 2016 and beyond AE
If Amelia Earhart Was Talking, She Was Not Sinking Analysis of radio calls and speech patterns in the post-loss radio signals AE
The Earhart Electra: From Drawing Board to Disappearance Announcement of new book AE
Volume 32, #1
March 2016
Can We Find the Electra? Search strategy analysis. AE
To Solve a Mystery Project Midnight Ghost work. PMG
Volume 32, #2
April 2016
Clues & Possibilities Planning the underwater work for Niku IX AE
A Shoe Fetish IV History and new information on the shoe sole found on Nikumaroro AE
Volume 32, #3
June 2016
Niku IX in 2017 Brief overview. AE
Connecting the Dots Chapter Two of Finding Amelia – The True Story of the Earhart Electra AE
Volume 32, #4
October 2016
How Close Are We? Brief overview of Earhart evidence. AE
“The Realization of a Dream” Chapter Two of Finding Amelia - The True Story of the Earhart Electra AE
First Photos Research on Electra photos AE
Flying Off The Map Why AE did not know she was on Gardner Island AE
Volume 32, #5
December 2016
A New Niku IX Better odds and a lot less money AE
Volume 33, #1
March 2017
Looking in the Right Place Analysis of water flow into the passage for Niku IX AE
Lost and Found A history of the finding and losing and finding and losing of Amelia Earhart AE
Crashed and Sank New paper by Dr. Richard Jantz on the bone measurements. AE
New and Improved TIGHAR Store Grand opening of the new Store TB
Volume 33, #2
April 2017
An Unconventional Expedition Niku IX final planning AE
Looking in the Wrong Place Another crashed and sank expedition AE
Maximum Effort Finding Amelia: The True Story of the Earhart Electra AE
New Research, New Insights New Coast Guard veteran, new AE measurements AE
Volume 33, #3
August 2017
The Lost Documentary History Channel documentary that disappeared AE
Unmasking the Castaway Report on progress with the new work done by Richard Jantz on the bones found on Nikumaroro AE
The Invisible TIGHAR TIGHAR's work with education and contract services TB
Niku IX Preliminary Report Summer 2017 field work on Nikumaroro AE
Confirmation Accomplishments of forensic dogs at the 7 Site AE
Volume 33, #4
December 2017
A New Client: Glenn Miller The disappearance of Glenn Miller and what we might be able to do about it. GM
What’s Past is Prologue Analysis of the Bevington photo and new results from photogrammetric work. AE
The Imbedded Object If it is what it appears to be, it’s a uniquely identifiable piece of the Electra that broke off when the airplane was washed into the ocean. AE
Site: 8BY1817 (Aircraft Crash) Contract work at Tyndall AFB. CS
Volume 34, #1
February 2018
Amelia Earhart and the Nikumaroro Bones, by Richard L. Jantz Publication of the Jantz paper. AE
Bones and Bias, by Richard E. Gillespie Interpretation of Jantz report.
The Archaeological Context of the 1940 Bones Discovery by Thomas F. King Archeological remarks.
Forensic Estimation of Scale in Oil Can Photograph by Jeff Glickman Explanation of technical issues in determination of height.
Volume 34, #2
August 2018
The Post-Loss Radio Signals Explanation of the signals and their importance. AE
Post-Loss Radio Signals Catalog & Analysis 2.0 Credible signals matched against tidal charts and analyzed.
Clues in the Content Analysis of the content of the credible messages.
John Guthrie Ford Memorial Fund Establishment of a fund in honor of Guthrie Ford MM
Dear Major Miller Announcement of Preliminary Report on Miller. GM
Volume 34, #3 October 2018 The Glenn Miller Project Short overview. GM
TIGHAR Investigative Report: What Really Happened to Glenn Miller Report on research. GM
Who’s In Charge Here? New members of Board of Directors TC
Volume 35, #1
April, 2019
New Dots, New Connections Analysis of Lae, New Guinea film of AE’s takeoff. AE
The Glenn Miller Project, Phase Two: The One That Got Away Report on meetings and interviews in England. GM
The Sextant Box Conundrum Report on possibility that the sextant box came from the Bushnell. AE
Volume 35, #2
August, 2019
The Search So Far History of the underwater searches for the Electra AE
Underwater Aviation Artifact Documentation and Recovery Discussion of the problems in removing aircraft from salt water HP
Volume 35, #3
October, 2019
Of Skulls and Bones Report on possibility of skull found by National Geographic being Earhart’s. AE
Understanding 99.28% Discussion of Richard Jantz’s remark on the Nikumaroro bones being Earhart’s. AE
Sole Survivor? Discussion of 2-2-V-1 research and analysis. AE
Legends of the Lost Guide to evaluating witness testimony. HP
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