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Contributions to the Maid of Harlech Memorial Fund go to help cover TIGHAR’s expenses in advocating for the responsible recovery and conservation of Lockheed P-38F 41-7677. If you wish, you can make your donation of $100 or more in the name of any World War II veteran. When the aircraft is recovered, a permanent memorial with the names of the donors and honorees will accompany the P-38 to the accessioning museum.

In the meantime, we’ll send you a handsome Certificate of Recognition acknowledging your support in helping us make sure this priceless relic is preserved for future generations.


In the summer of 2007, a Lockheed P-38 Lightning fighter aircraft, presumed to be USAAF serial number 41-7677, emerged from the sand of a beach in Wales where it crash landed in 1942. The aircraft, largely intact and remarkably free of corrosion, is one of the most significant WWII-related archaeological discoveries in recent history.

We call her the Maid of Harlech after the magnificent 13th century Welsh castle, but until she can be rescued from the sands of time, her actual location must remain confidential.

Although the aircraft is covered by the Protection of Military Remains Act and disturbing the site in any way carries heavy penalties, the looting of historic wreck sites by unscrupulous souvenir hunters is, nonetheless, a major problem worldwide. Nature has done a good job hiding the wreck. Nothing presented here provides site information and we ask that everyone support our efforts to protect the aircraft until it can be recovered.

Recognizing the Lightning’s historical significance as the oldest surviving Eighth Air Force combat veteran, and its potential as an object of study in corrosion research, TIGHAR has made a commitment to champion the aircraft’s recovery and preservation. Local aviation historian Matt Rimmer (TIGHAR #2916) has been granted a Ministry of Defense license to recover the aircraft. It was Matt who first alerted us to the wreck’s discovery and assisted the TIGHAR archaeological team throughout the October 2007 survey. Working with Gwynedd County authorities, Matt provided surveillance and security for the site for the next several months as the sands once more shifted and eventually hid the wreck from view.

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